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Learn more about the video through the AI′s insights and detailed responses.

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Enter your questions about the video content, and our AI will provide the answers directly from the video.

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  • 30 summaries

    You will be able to summarise 30 videos per month

  • Summaries
  • Key insights
  • 5 chat questions

    You will have 5 chat questions that you can use for any video

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Linkquire allows you to summarise any YouTube video and gain key insights from it without having to watch it. Our service allows you to ask specific questions about any video and get an instant answer from AI.

Once you have an active subscription, you can go to your dashboard and add a link to any YouTube video. Our AI will summarise it and provide key insights. You can ask specific questions about the video and get instant answers from the AI.

You can add videos of any length to our service. There are some technical limitations, but they are almost insurmountable.

Each subscription gives you a certain amount of credits for both video and chat. The video credits are used when you add a new video and the AI starts to summarise it. Chat credits are used every time you send a message to the AI.

Sure, you can upload videos and chat with them in any language. At the moment, however, the summaries and insights are only available in English.

It usually takes a few seconds for a short video and about ten seconds for a long one.